Class A/B Underground Storage Tank Operator Training

Class A operators have primary responsibility for the on-site operation and maintenance of underground storage tank systems. This is generally reserved for owners of an underground storage tank facility, who will focus on maintaining all regulatory requirements with the tank and with other employees. Class A operators are ultimately responsible for compliance with federal regulations and for making informed decisions regarding the operation and maintenance of the system and the training of employees.

Class B operators, who are often facility managers, have daily on-site operational and management oversight of underground storage tank systems. These individuals monitor, maintain and ensure the safety of UST operation sites. They are often responsible for daily monitoring to ensure compliance, recordkeeping and training Class C operators to handle emergency situations.

Our Class A/B course covers all topics that both Class A and Class B operators will need to be familiar with to complete their duties under state and federal regulations. These topics include:

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Class A/B Operators

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